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Balta Floorcovering
Yer Dösemeleri AS

Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 123 Cadde NO:563 - 64100 Uşak

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Social responsibility

Balta expects all its business to be conducted in compliance with high ethical standards of practice and is applying this commitment to all dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Our working practices are conducted in adherence with high ethical and legal principles relating to:

  • All employees having the right and responsibility to ensure compliance to the principles described above
  • Compliance with Belgian and European law
  • Human rights including child labour
  • Discrimination or harassment
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Conflict of interest
  • Privacy
  • Community
  • Whistleblowing

Health & Safety Policy Declaration

Balta, a world leader in the manufacturing and sales of wall-to-wall carpet and area rugs, has included Health & Safety Management as a core value of its policy.
Safeguarding employees, visitors and external contractors against accidents and injuries is an essential part of our policy.

The management of Balta commits itself to:

  • Meet all applicable legal requirements or other standards the company has subscribed to and that have an impact on Health & Safety risks of the company.
  • Make continuous efforts to reduce the number of accidents and incidents.

This translates into the following policy elements:

  • Senior management, all staff with managerial responsibilities and the delegates of the workforce are required to lead by example.
  • The permanent analysis with execution of corresponding measures to reduce risks to an acceptable level.
  • To provide instructions, training and information campaigns at all levels of the organisation.
  • To continuously evaluate our performance by means of safety investigations and audits.
  • To integrate Health & Safety aspects in all managerial and operational processes and flows.

The Health & Safety objectives have to be realised through maintenance and application of the Balta Safety System. The results on Health & Safety will be expressed in measurable indicators for close evaluation.

Every body participates in this policy by strict adherence to the instructions and by his or her own individual safe behavior.

Balta Group

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